Thursday, September 12, 2013

Writing Weddings . . .

Finally working on the wrap-up scene in THE QUEEN OF SWORDS: the wedding. Decided to go pagan and outdoors, midsummer afternoon, in the courtyard of his Highland castle under an arbor festooned with roses, heather, ivy, and thistles--the same posies in her bridal bouquet. She's walking down the aisle with his Westies, Wallace and Bruce, behind a piper playing "Love Divine." He's wearing full Highland regalia, looking like a vision, of course. She's in--what? Time to go dress shopping online!

The heroine is Cathleen "Cat" Fingal--the second incarnation of his true love and eternal soul mate. She's a white witch, bookish and solitary, has a penchant for vampire novels and all things Scottish, and digs vintage fashions (because she's from the past, right?). So, what to put her in for her thrown-together wedding?

I have to admit, it should be more fun to go wedding-dress shopping, but I'm old fashioned. I don't really like strapless gowns--and that's just about all that's out there. I wanted something vintage, pretty, traditional. She's wearing it with a sash in his tartan across the bodice and a bee-hive hairstyle. The dress I chose is at right. It's by Phil Collins (not the singer, I don't think, but what do I know?). What do you think, dear followers?

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  1. I think it's beautiful! It will look perfect in the setting you described. Brava! Oooh, and love the gallery of Scotsman, especially that Gerard fellow. *sigh*


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