Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What Happens in Scotland . . . Stays in Scotland

What Happens in ScotlandWhat Happens in Scotland by Jennifer McQuiston

Okay. Here's why I bought this book: at the recent Romance Writers Assn. national conference in Atlanta (my first writer's conference) one of the gals from Georgia Romance Writers gave a talk very early on Saturday morning in which she mentioned a particular plot device in this book. Intrigued, I tooled on over to the little on-site bookshop between sessions and scored a copy. Diana Gabaldon aside, I'm relatively new to Scottish historicals--though I write Scottish paranormals and am a total Scotophile (so it's like sliding into a silk neglige, really). Anyway, I bought the book, brought it home with a veritable brick-load of others, and finally got around to reading it about two weeks ago.

I loved the premise: English lady gets hammered in Scotland one night and awakens beside Hot Scot, apparently married, and can't remember a gosh darn thing about the night before. Been there, done that. Without the Hot Scot or married parts, I'm sorry to say . . . but I digress.

Interestingly, the novel I'm SFP-ing right now--The Knight of Swords (yes, a Scottish paranormal)--starts off in a similar vein. The heroine awakens in a Scottish inn after a night of inebriation with the hero, unsure what went down. From there, however, the plots are very different.

In WHAT HAPPENS IN SCOTLAND, the heroine cracks the hero over the head with a chamber pot and departs the scene in haste. The rest of the plot follows the couple's attempts to (separately) discern what happened the night before, who the other is, and how to find each other again (as suspicions and dangers mount).

This was a good read. Compelling, sexy, and fun. Plus, Jenifer is just really nice. I was hooked and entertained from start to finish! Will definitely seek out and read her next book (which--oh boy--she's signing at Moonlight & Magnolia's in October).

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