Monday, September 30, 2013

Meet Leith MacQuill . . .

Awoke this morning with new ideas for the set-up for THE KNIGHT OF CUPS, so have been working today to align the stuff I've already written. The hero's Leith MacQuill, a blood-drinking dark faery and brilliant author with a serious case of writer's block. She's Anna Morland, an aspiring screenwriter who wants the rights to his brilliant first novel--only she doesn't know he's a he because he writes under a female pen name and is a recluse nobody's ever seen. In life, he was a Knight of the Thistle and Jacobite Baron who fought at Culloden. He was shot while retreating and saved by a scout for the Queen of Avalon, who made him her drone and later cursed him for straying. Now, any woman he gives his heart to will die.

I just reached the point where I needed to cast the role of Leith. I chose Scottish actor Hans Matheson--who'd be absolutely perfect if he were just a wee bit taller! But still, he'll do for the purposes of inspiration. And Anna's a tiny little thing, so maybe I could make Leith a wee bit shorter than my usual heroes, who are all over six feet . . . because I prefer tall men, being tall myself. 


  1. He works but you know I was picturing Anson Mount in the way he looks in Hell on Wheels. Mother.

  2. Well crap, yes. I can totally see him as Leith. Never saw him before. Where has he been hiding all my life. I'll have to post a picture on ye olde blog.


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