Sunday, September 15, 2013

Making a Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear

Do you know that expression? Everybody does, don't they? Anyway, I had a harebrained idea this morning. I read somewhere once upon a time that some self-published authors were using lines from their rejection letters as "praise" for their books. You know, as cover lines. (To clarify, I am not an indie author--just an unpublished one still optimistically shopping for a publisher). Anyway, just for giggles, I went through the nice rejection notes I've received from editors at major publishers for my still-homeless manuscript, THE KNIGHT OF WANDS.

Here's what they're saying about my book:

"I enjoy your writing . . . you draw the reader in from page one . . ."

"The writing is gorgeous . . . "

"The writing was good, and I found the characters to be memorable . . . "

"Nice elements of the Scotland and New Orleans settings as well as very steamy sex scenes."

So, why is it still unpublished? Because it's a paranormal and paranormals aren't selling all that well right now for mainstream publishers. Sigh. Still waiting to hear from ten more!

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