Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rave Reviews Rolling in for The Tin Man

The Tin Man, the new political thriller by Nina Mason, is garnering some amazing reviews. Here are excerpts from some of them:

"Anyone who loves a thrilling fast-but-perfectly-paced story with action and adventure, as well as some clues and backstory of American history, will truly love this book. I did!”

“Holy hell, this is a great book. This is a definite reread over and over. I knew Nina could do paranormal. But intrigue? She rocked it. You will fall in love with Buchanan and Thea!”

“A thrilling plot that will have you on the edge of your seat”

“I am going to tell you right now, you need to read this book. It is full of intrigue and it will make you think. I will rate it up there with books from other authors like Brad Metzler and Dan Brown. Now come check it out. I know you will not be disappointed. Also be prepared for a book hangover because once you start you will not stop reading until you turn the last page”

“I could not put this book down!”

“A real page turner”

“A thrilling roller-coaster ride!”

"Let me begin with a few caveats: if you don't enjoy stories that have a little something to say about politics, religion, history, and the costs of democracy...if you get woozy-headed at the thought of barreling through the dark countryside in stolen cars while returning fire on crazy assassins gunning for you...if you only insist on reading books with flawless heroes/heroines who can shoot without missing, survive terrible traumas without emotional consequences, and remain coiffed and stain-resistant while doing so, then STEP AWAY FROM THIS BOOK!"

Buy it for your Kindle for only $2.99. Also in paperback.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Books to curl up with: TODAY IS AN OMG DAY ON THE BLOG

Books to curl up with: TODAY IS AN OMG DAY ON THE BLOG: HAPPY THURSDAY ALL no babbling today just going to get right to it Today I am reviewing THE TIN MAN by Nina Mason BOOK BLURB The last ...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

Another Reader Reviews The Tin Man on

Another five stars for The Tin Man, the new political thriller by Nina Mason.

"WOW! This is a political thriller so this isn't a quick simple read. It has lots of twist and turns and even a little romance along the way.

I have to say Alex is one of a kind. This man has been through hell and back. He has many demons inside due to his past.

Even though this is a fiction book it does hit the head on how our news is being watered down and spun how they want it to sound. It does have a lot of facts that are true about America what's going on.

The storyline revolves around a great conspiracy, which I won't go into since some other reviews already have it out there.

This story also even brings up the effects of PTSD, which is very seldom talked about in the open and how it sticks with you.

I highly recommend reading this story even if your not into political thrillers. It really was a great book. "

Read it this weekend for just $2.99.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Five Stars for The Tin Man!

A new five-star review was just published for The Tin Man on

This book was such an eye opener. It made me think and consider events of the past and present. This story was so packed with conspiracy and intrigue. I was glued to my e-reader. Mason wrote such a suspenseful story with an amazing leading man and an even more amazing leading lady. The story gave so much political back story and it was easy for me to compare it with politics and the media today. The main character has a lot of inner dialog and it helped to understand what he has gone through and why he reacts the way he does through the story. 

The book also gives the "villains" point of view. I got to see the other side of the story. I was able to learn who the men were and what was going on with them while Alex worked on the mystery. During some of the inner dialog my mind would start to wonder, but there was either a threat of violence of some new situation the characters found themselves in that snapped me right back into the story. This isn't a fast and sweet read. It's intense and will keep you thinking long after you finish the book. 

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