Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Five Stars for The Tin Man!

A new five-star review was just published for The Tin Man on

This book was such an eye opener. It made me think and consider events of the past and present. This story was so packed with conspiracy and intrigue. I was glued to my e-reader. Mason wrote such a suspenseful story with an amazing leading man and an even more amazing leading lady. The story gave so much political back story and it was easy for me to compare it with politics and the media today. The main character has a lot of inner dialog and it helped to understand what he has gone through and why he reacts the way he does through the story. 

The book also gives the "villains" point of view. I got to see the other side of the story. I was able to learn who the men were and what was going on with them while Alex worked on the mystery. During some of the inner dialog my mind would start to wonder, but there was either a threat of violence of some new situation the characters found themselves in that snapped me right back into the story. This isn't a fast and sweet read. It's intense and will keep you thinking long after you finish the book. 

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