Friday, September 5, 2014

Another Reader Reviews The Tin Man on

Another five stars for The Tin Man, the new political thriller by Nina Mason.

"WOW! This is a political thriller so this isn't a quick simple read. It has lots of twist and turns and even a little romance along the way.

I have to say Alex is one of a kind. This man has been through hell and back. He has many demons inside due to his past.

Even though this is a fiction book it does hit the head on how our news is being watered down and spun how they want it to sound. It does have a lot of facts that are true about America what's going on.

The storyline revolves around a great conspiracy, which I won't go into since some other reviews already have it out there.

This story also even brings up the effects of PTSD, which is very seldom talked about in the open and how it sticks with you.

I highly recommend reading this story even if your not into political thrillers. It really was a great book. "

Read it this weekend for just $2.99.

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