Thursday, September 19, 2013

Facebook Support Groups for Writers

Authors--published, unpublished, and self-published--are banding together in the social media world to build their brands and their followings. Below are links to a few of the places on Facebook where authors can go to seek camaraderie, advice, and exposure:  

A League of Independent Writers
All About Books
Author's Book Review Exchange
Authors, Agents & Aspiring Writers
Author Meeting Place
Authors Promoting Authors
Books, Books & More Books
Book Place
Book Promotion
Go Indie
Indie Author Accountability 
Indie Author Book Promotion Page
Indie Authors Unite!
Julie's Book Review
Published Authors
Publishing Talk
Marketing for Authors
Women Writers, Editors, Agents & Publishers
Writers & Readers Unite
Writers Who Believe in Supporting Writers


  1. Awesome, and very much appreciated!

  2. My pleasure, sister. I want to be a resource, not just toot my own horn.


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