Saturday, September 21, 2013

A villain by any other name . . .

One of my beta readers finds the name of my villain in QUEEN OF SWORDS . . . well, laughable. The villain is a dark wizard who in life struck a deal with the Unseelie Lord--unearthly powers for his immortal soul, basically. Little did he know, the debt would be repaid in the form of enslavement to the dark faery king after death. Anyway, I based him on the real legends of Gerald or Gerard Fitzgerald in Ireland. So, I kept the name of the legendary dark wizard, though I agree that Gerald Fitzgerald isn't exactly menacing as names go. So, I'm thinking of changing it to Warwick Blake, which has a nice dark Irish ring to it, IMHO. Any thoughts?


  1. The beta reader says: "Much more villainy. No laughter." A good thing! So, Warwick Blake it is.

  2. Another beta reader liked the name--thought the fact that it wasn't villainy made him even more menacing. So, go figure. Already did the search and replace, so he's Warwick Blake for now.


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