Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Launch Blog Tour Day Six
Today finds me and The Queen of Swords at the following two author blogs:

Into the Highland Mist (Kate Robbins, Scottish historical romance)

Yelena Casale (Yelena Casale, urban fantasy)

To recap, The Queen of Swords, a paranormal tale of undying love, is the darkly erotic story of a bookish white witch who returns every 100 years to reunite with her earthbound soul mate, a Scottish earl turned vampire by an evil wizard's curse. The book is available for the Kindle right now and will be released in paperback in another week or two. So far, my debut novel has earned 13 five-star reviews on and a few more at Here are excerpts from some of them:

“As sinfully seductive as chocolate…”
“An extraordinary debut.”
“Lyrical prose as fluid as honey.”
“A wonderfully dark and seductive tale.”


  1. I have to leave a review on Goodreads yet! Fb has damaged my computer, they tell me it is because it's been switching over , over & over, it would be nice when it stops!
    Nina Mason's Queen of Swords weaves a dark, magical and star-crossed lovers throughout the eons until they reunite in the present .. will her third lifetime be the charm? An exotic masterpiece not for under 18+
    I love this book not only for the exotic story but for the true history of places entwined with the story "The Queen of Swords" brings forth a new literary find. Thank you Nina Mason :)

  2. Seductive weaving like a sinuous time current, exactly the right erotic scenes in your book, Nina! Congratulations on a great read!
    What was your favourite place in Scotland that was integral in your story?
    Were there special symbols in the book other than the tarot cards, which were woven into the story that you wished you had elaborated on?


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