Thursday, March 20, 2014

Only Two More Days!

The Queen of Swords, my debut novel, releases in just two more days. I'll be launching the book with a Facebook party, a two-month blog tour, and a couple of giveaways, including this one: Just posted my first Rafflecopter giveaway.The prize is a personally autographed copy of the paperback edition, which should be available shortly after the Kindle edition goes on sale. I'll be posting the buy link on Amazon as soon as it goes live, as well as links to the stops on the Book Launch Blog Tour on the old blog, so be sure to check back everyday. As of today, there are eight five-star reviews posted on Goodreads, as well as another giveaway. Check it out and while you're there, put The Queen of Swords on your TBR bookshelf and recommend it to all your friends who like sexy paranormals with heart and soul.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Hi, Nina I bet you a getting butterflies or something in anticipation of your release in two days :). Hope that the price isn't too high for the book as I only have $10 at the most just bought Catherine Stovall and others "Goddess's Revenge" Anthology for the library proceeds, a worth while thing! I've been loving the snippets that you have been posting... it's only served to make me want it more.. Nina you sure know how to get the attention of your audience. I am looking forward with anticipation to reading the "Queen of Swords"! I have flutters for myself about your book.. so I can just imagine what you are going through! :) <3 <3

  2. Thanks, Karen. Glad you're looking forward to the release of the book. Yes. Butterflies. And bees. LOL. Getting very restless and nervous. I don't think the book will be very expensive. For the Kindle, it shouldn't be more than $3.99, maybe less. I don't know about the paperback. We'll both be surprised!

    1. Time is ticking down... I hope that you don't get too restless and wear a groove in the floor because of pacing :) ;) I am sure the book will be a success and can hardly wait to get a copy and will be surprised at the cost.. hopefully a good surprise :) :)

  3. Hello I just saw that you had eight 5 stars ratings ..way to go but how many more review copies are there out there? Are they all reviewed yet? I am so very happy for you, it bodes well for sales I think!
    Question about the giveaway I filled it all out and it said come back again tomorrow for more entries but I never get any more... is it because I did not do it all at the same time?

  4. Not sure about the giveaway problem you're having. Maybe just enter again? I'm no Rafflecopter expert. This is my first attempt. I have many review copies out as I'm launching the book with a two-month blog tour. The link went live this morning for the Kindle edition, which I'm about to post on the blog.


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