Sunday, March 23, 2014

Book Launch Blog Tour Day Two

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The Book Launch Blog Tour for The Queen of Swords, a paranormal tale of undying love, continues with the following stop on Day Two:

The Ramblings of Me

Meanwhile, the reviews are pouring in. Already, there are nine on and more than a dozen on Goodreads. Here are a few highlights:

"Finally a 'real' PRN!!!! And an amazingly written one at that!!! I loved The Queen of Swords!!!"

"I truly loved this book. As I love, mythology, vampires, and strong women standing up for their love....this book was perfect for me."

"Be prepared to stay up all night reading!"

"This is an amazing debut novel from an author from whom we eagerly await more."

"This book is a definite favorite of 2014 for me."

"I loved Ms. Mason style of writing has she wastes no time in capturing your heart, mind and soul."

"The flow of the story line is great and the depth of the 2 main characters are so touching that they pull you into their romance and sadness."

"I truly loved this book!"

"This book is a must read!"


  1. Rosemary congrats ion a great book

  2. congrats on a great book

  3. congrats a great book

  4. Congrats on the release! Loving it so far!

  5. Hi, Nina! Congratulations on the book engrossing romance love the atmosphere it's great!


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