Friday, December 27, 2013

Recruiting Book Bloggers for Cover Reveal

My debut novel will be released by Vamptasy Publishing on March 22 and I'm hosting a Facebook cover reveal event on January 19th (my birthday). I'm revealing the cover to the public via blogs and book sites the following day. I'm looking for bloggers who might like to participate in the reveal. The book, titled The Queen of Swords, is a paranormal romance/urban fantasy about a white witch who returns every hundred years to try and free her soul mate, who's been earthbound by a dark wizard's curse. If you'd like to participate, please leave a comment with your contact info or send a message via my Facebook author's page.

The book trailer follows:


  1. I would love to participate :) The book seems to be something I would enjoy:) My e-mail:

  2. Count me in! My email is


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