Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Promo for the Queen of Swords

Here it is: my promo poster for The Queen of Swords. I looked and worked long and hard on it.
And it looks like this might end up being the image for the actual cover--since the cover artist for Vamptasy loved it. I love that she's goth, has long brown hair, and is reading a book. In the text, the heroine, Cat Fingal, is a total bookworm who also is a white witch and teaches literature at a British university specializing in occult studies. So, books are mentioned often, especially in the vampire genre. When the book opens, she's working on her doctoral dissertation on the evolving vampire archetype in literature.

Anyway, I worked hard on the graphic so I hope it doesn't suck (pun intended). :P

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  1. Nina Mason's QUEEN OF SWORDS is one book you do not want to miss. If you are new to paranormal romances or think this is not for you--think again. Most readers are familiar with Vampires and their Verado, but what about the UNDEAD? Graham Logan, from Scotland is now one of the UNDEAD. He lives with a heart, brain, and other organs. He does not age, get sick or die. He doesn't require nourishment in the form of food. He gets his life from humans by consuming their fluids rich in DNA. He has love and lost two times. He comes to Wickenham, England, with Benedict and his sister, Branwen, to lease a long vacant manor house. Problems erupt. Branwen wants Graham. He has no interest in her, but she won't take no for an answer. Graham takes an interest in the "cards" and draws the Queen of Swords. Through this interest he meets Cat, the third incarnation of his true love. He cannot let her go. She is a first year professor of occult studies desperately to finish her PH.D. A white witch, she too is into the Tarot and feels an immediate connection to him. Cat has connections with her past, a surprise to her, as her witch powers continue to grow. Through her friend, Avery Thatcher, Cat takes herself from a lonely immersion of life and study, to find the Scot, Graham Logan. She cannot put him out of her mind and he cannot give up on his last chance at life and love. The problem with Branwen and the dark wizard, who cursed Graham way back when have precedence in the lives of Cat and Graham. Can they do the impossible to dispose of both and live their lives as they should have done two hundred years ago? Once you begin this story, you will not put the book down for long. Nina Mason incorporates history, love with the unknown boundaries, and shows YOU life in another era. This book will open your eyes and hearts to another dimension in romance writing.
    I give this book ***** (five stars). Great writing, great vision, and a definite work of art.Thank, Nina Mason, for letting me review your book, QUEEN OF SWORDS.
    Patricia Patterson


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