Thursday, November 28, 2013

Taking The Tin Man down from the shelf

Why's it called The Tin Man?
Because Alex Buchanan, the hero,
believes he's incapable of falling in love.
I don't know if I've even mentioned that I wrote a political thriller a couple of years back, but I did. It's the story of two investigative reporters who team up after becoming embroiled in a plot to take over the media and manipulate public opinion on a global scale. The story has two heroes: Alex Buchanan, an ex-pat Scot who runs a formidable online news site, and Thea Hamilton, an investigative reporter for America's newspaper of record. Years ago, they had a date during which she jumped all over his shit about smoking (her mother, who smoked the same brand, had just died of lung cancer) and ever since, he's thought of her as "the ball buster." Meanwhile, she's thought of him as "the one who got away." Circumstances throw them together again and they're off on a high octane quest to discover who's been killing credible publishers around the world and just took out Buchanan's entire staff (he made a narrow escape).

Anyway, I just got word that it's a "go" (with a few changes). And on Thanksgiving Day, no less.

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