Monday, November 4, 2013

A pain in the ear . . .

Only got a little writing done today (but at least I got a little done!) because I had to go see an ENT specialist. Somehow, I managed not only to get an ear infection, but also a hole in my eardrum. Needless to say, it has NOT BEEN PLEASANT. The only good part is that I can't hear my husband's lawnmower-man snoring if I keep the good ear on the pillow at night!

So, the doctor cleaned out the ear, took a culture, and wrote me a prescription for a powder. The first pharmacist I took it to had no idea what it was, so I got to stand there (oh, joy) while she tried to phone the specialist's office to find out WTF. Turns out, it had to be made up by a compounding pharmacist (somebody who still mixes the stuff, apparently) and she sends me to the nearest one (allegedly). Turns out, he can't do it, either, so he sends me off to the only other one around--way back out near the doctor's office. Now, doesn't it seem like SOMEBODY might have mentioned to me that a) there was only one pharmacy in the whole region who could make up that prescription and b) that didn't process insurance claims? I'm just saying.


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