Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lunatics running the asylum?

It's official. My characters have taken over the book and are running amok. They've just finished dinner in the dining room of the hero's Scottish castle and are heading into the dungeon to sample the offerings in his BDSM playroom. I have no idea what's going to happen down there (well, I can guess!), but I'm letting them run with it, as long as they don't go too far off plot.

I'm talking about THE KNIGHT OF CUPS, book two in the Knights of Avalon series. Book One, THE KNIGHT OF WANDS, will be released this spring by Soul Mate Publishing. I decided to play a little and reference the gothic genre. She's a huge fan who's come to Scotland to get the movie rights to the novel she's adapted for the screen--her big chance to break into film-making. He's a reclusive author who uses a female pen name. He's also a shapeshifting vampire faery with a bad case of writer's block on the verge of bankruptcy. On top of all that, he's cursed so that any woman he falls in love with dies.

Yes, I write complicated plots.

The only way into his Castle Glenarvon (extra points if you get the reference) is through a tour of the sites in his/her novels, which includes a one-night stay in the author/hero's castle. The heroine joins the tour, but the bus is swept over a cliff in a storm, killing all aboard but her. He finds her barely alive and gives her his blood to put her back together, then takes her to the castle to recuperate. Her imagination runs wild . . . but she soon learns the truth is stranger than anything she could dream up.

Trying to have some fun with it so my readers will, too.

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