Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Romance Weekly: What am I grateful for?

I'm back--after a long hiatus brought on by my failure to remember to sign up for the blog circle by the Monday deadline each week. This week, I didn't forget, and I'm so glad because this week, being Thanksgiving and all, the theme is gratitude. What am I grateful for? Where do I begin?

I don't pause often enough to think about all I have to be thankful for. It's so much easier to focus on problems and the lack we feel in the daily grind, so I welcome this opportunity to remember what's good in my life. It's been a tough couple of years for me and my family. I lost my business and, unable to find a job, was forced to sell my house at a sizable loss. I also sold or gave away approximately half my worldly possessions, including some of my prized collections. We needed the money to survive. Our savings was in that house, so, it was a painful thing. With no income, buying another was virtually impossible, so, there were times in the past two years when I wondered if I'd have a roof over my head or enough food on the table.

So, I'm grateful I have a house--a considerably smaller one, but I'm satisfied--and food on the table. After we finish dinner every night, I think (and sometimes say aloud), "Well, nobody's going to bed hungry tonight." We're better off than lots of people, sure. And for everything I have, I am grateful.

I'm grateful for my mother, who's generosity made it possible to buy my house and pay the mortgage when we couldn't otherwise. I'm grateful for my husband, who contributes more than I give him credit for most days, and I'm grateful for my daughter, who's brilliant and funny. I'm grateful for my dog, who keeps me company all day when I write, and I'm grateful for my Facebook friends, who support me and bolster my spirits and are just there when I need someone to talk to.

I'm grateful for my talents, mediocre though I think them, but the drive to create burns within me and I'm glad to have different vehicles for its expression. Otherwise, I'd be bored to tears.

Well, that's probably enough for this week. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Now, off you go to see what Xio Axelrod has to be grateful for.  http://www.xioaxelrod.com


  1. awesome awesome awesome Nina! Hoping you have a great Thanksgiving too! XOXO


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