Friday, October 18, 2013

Crafting the Dreaded Query . . .

THE QUEEN OF SWORDS is almost ready to send out to publishers, so it's time to write the dreaded "blurb"--something I also need to do very soon for THE KNIGHT OF WANDS (for the back cover, not as a "query"). Below is what I've come up with so far to describe TQOS. Would love feedback. Anybody? Does it draw you in and make you want to read the book?

 Her love for him has the power to reach beyond the grave . . .

When Graham Logan, a Scottish nobleman turned immortal blood-drinker, draws the Queen of Swords, he knows he’s about to meet the love of his life—for the third time. But surrendering his heart will mean risking her life or making her like him, two things his beliefs won’t allow him to do. Graham, who walks a tightrope of regret and sacrifice, rages at God: Why give her back only to take her again?

Cat Fingal, the second re-incarnation of Graham’s soulmate, won’t let him slip away so easily. A white witch, she casts a spell to summon him—for answers and to deflower her—making his refusal impossible.

Graham is sure she’s come back to punish him for abandoning her and his unborn heir on the eve of their wedding back in 1815. Cat believes she’s returned to free his soul by forcing him to reevaluate everything he believes about love, forgiveness, and the afterlife.

Before he can defeat his darkest demons, both internal and external, Graham must awaken to the truth and put his faith in the power of love.

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