Sunday, October 6, 2013

Callum and Vanessa

Back from Moonlight & Magnolias (more about that later) and working on filling out the form from Soul Mate Publishing for the cover art for my book, THE KNIGHT OF WANDS. The form asks for detailed descriptions of the hero and heroine (among other things to help the cover artists come up with something spectacular to showcase my debut novel). I went back and pulled the character descriptions, then went  surfing on the net for people matching the picture in my head. Here's what I came up with:

Callum looks like Brad Koenig--only with longer hair, no beard, and golden eyes. Here's how I describe him in the book, from Vanessa's POV: 

Callum Lyon was a Leo--with the leonine good looks characteristic of the sign: thick mane, slanted golden eyes, and a mouth that curled up at the corners like a cat’s. She hadn’t told him she’d come to Caithness with the express goal of hooking up. She had read his books on political astrology and, like many women, lusted after the handsome face on their jackets. And what luck that she happened to be passing through this part of Scotland on the night he was making a rare public appearance. As it turned out, the picture didn’t do him justice, but how could it? No two-dimensional image could possibly capture the feral carnality he exuded or the graceful power with which he moved. No wonder women threw themselves at him.

Later, when he's standing before her in only his trousers, she observes:

He had a beautiful upper body--powerful shoulders; bulging biceps; a cut, muscular chest dusted with the perfect amount of golden hair; and rippling, six-pack abs. 

Vanessa is tall and willowy with blue eyes and a confident elegance. I didn't plan it to start (I swear), but, it turns out I picture her looking just like Kate Middleton.

Don't they make a lovely couple? He's a Scottish lion. She's an English butterfly--a free-spirited socialite who flies away before any man can pin her down.


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  1. I like the idea of a tarot card as the cover. Unique, just like the story.


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