Sunday, August 31, 2014

Readers are loving The Tin Man!

Early feedback is coming in for The Tin Man, the political thriller released yesterday by Nina Mason and CHBB Publishing.

"You want my honest opinion?  HOLY HELL, THIS IS A GREAT BOOK. IT REMINDS ME OF other intrigue books by other authors . She takes them through hell and back and OMG it reads like a movie ; you see the characters as you read. This is a definite reread over and over. I knew Nina could do paranormal, but intrigue? She rocked it. You will fall in love with Buchanan and Thea!"

"I'm at 58% and the suspense is so good. It's really making me think about the world we live in now. I can't wait to get back to it and find out what happens next!"

"This story will really make you think. The author brings up some troubling observations about our country and the complacency American's have embraced in allowing our freedoms to be taken from us bit by bit with nary a whimper from us. The searing portrayal of big media monopolies has a ring of real truth to it that should give everyone pause. But, this not a lecture, this is a thrill ride of a story featuring Alex, a war correspondent that now suffers from PTSD."

Have you one-clicked it yet?

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