Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hellhound 2: Get it while it's smokin' hot and dirt cheap!

DOGS OF WAR, the second book in the Hellhound series by international bestselling author Rue Volley releases today and is available right now on for just 99 cents!

In 'Dogs of War' we rejoin Halo Bay and the Hellhounds as they adjust to an unexpected loss. Weakened and feeling as if they may be losing the battle, the Hellhounds reach out to the most unlikely of creatures...that of the vampires. At Ari's insistence, two very powerful vampires are called upon to help them. Hunter, who has a sordid past with Dorin and Vanessa, Queen of the vampires and daughter to Dracula himself. As they struggle to solidify their new alliance, Halo finds she has to barter with the only thing she truly owns. Herself. This is a deal that Lucifer is eager to seal and, blinded by love, Halo may be stepping into a plan set in motion centuries before she even existed. Will she restore the balance between Heaven and Hell? Or will be become the final seal? 

Haven't read Book One in the series? No worries! It's also also on sale today for just 99 cents.

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